Girls just wanna have fun

These past few months my life has been evolving in full speed. Getting my mental health, career, self love, life etc in order. While all those things are good for me. I’m missing a important thing that will enrich my life even more. It’s a three letter word F- U- N yes, fun! Don’t get me wrong I like to add some type of fun in my life every now and then but its not a normal thing for me. Ok, I’m not boring lol. But when this was pointed out to me this week by my life coach. It really left me thinking, that I don’t have enough of it plus fun is part of self care too and we get to release those feel good endorphins.

Honestly, my thinking is if it ain’t making money then its a waste of time. That thought was somehow programmed in my belief system as a child and I’m now bringing awareness to it. I have wonderful teachers at home my husband & children to help me come out my shell and have some fun. Definitely baby steps for me, but I can start implementing some fun things in my life. Once upon a time I was an innocent little girl just wanting to have fun in any way that I could. But somehow through life experiences that “fun” part of my life was replaced with unhappiness and fun was just a waste of time. I’m working through these traumas and the good thing about is that I have brought awareness to it.

Do you find yourself struggling with the same thing? Maybe it’s also a cultural thing too? Being in a latino household had its challenges. No fun until business is handled, maybe my belief stems from that too. I know as mature women, raising our families, careers, juggling our own needs and finding a balance with it all, who has time for fun. But by adding fun into our lives it may truly help us in the long run and perhaps it can help us find peace in areas in our lives that we never thought that we can achieve. I’m going to try a weekly game night with my family for starters and perhaps invest in a bike soon and go bike riding, I haven’t done that since I was a kid. I’m also going to affirm this affirmation in my life this upcoming week, feel free if this affirmation resonates with you too, “It’s ok to allow myself to have fun & enjoy every moment of it.” Share with me the creative ways that you have fun with and any family games, I will surely appreciate them. Happy Sunday, love & light.

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