Jada & Will Smith have been the butt of jokes all over the internet these last couple of days. In short they took a break from their marriage and separated. Jada owned up to her relationship, I’m sorry her entanglement with R&B singer August Alsina. She admittedly confessed that she was going through a difficult time after her separation with Will, she had lost her best friend, she was lonely, she wants to feel wanted and ended up in another man’s arms in which he too was broken so she felt the need to fix him. Does this pattern resonate in you?

I can own up to an entanglement or two. I’ve felt broken, alone & ended up in the arms of another man. I can also admit of being more attractive to men that needed fixing and those that I knew I couldn’t have (the taken ones), none of these ended up being happily ever after’s. As you get older and reflect on your past your perspective changes and you see things through more matured lenses especially when your on a journey of healing & growth. These entanglements now serve me as a lesson verses victimizing myself and repeating patterns.

In retrospect with Jada it was the same thing & she’s owning up to her truths. It wasn’t a healthy choice but we need these life experiences for our growth. Life is full of experiences good and bad and we need to learn from both. When we make poor decisions we really need to dig to the root of them because deep inside we know it’s not right but we do them anyways. We have to ask ourselves what do we need to heal from that damaged us in our past because now we are subconsciously seeking experiences that match that. For me it was a broken home, lack of self love & what people call “daddy issues”. I can’t speak for Jada but she certainly had some baggage when she got into her entanglement.

Reflecting and growing from our life experiences brings us healing and closure. By speaking our truths we give ourselves permission to move forward with our lives and allow new positive experiences to take up space in our lives because we are now living in a space of awareness. We are less impulsive, we have boundaries and we love ourselves more. Let’s embrace all of those entanglements that we once had and take them for what they were “life lessons”. Go a extra mile with your selfcare this Sunday and burn some sage & palo santo clear that negative energy, meditate, pray and take a bath with soothing essential oils and epson salt. Give yourself permission to indulge in the simple things that life has to offer.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi

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