What Walter Mercado taught me

Growing up in a Latino household we knew that it was a sacred and quiet moment when Walter Mercado appeared on our  television. Everyone was shushed in the midst of conversation and every adult and even child tuned in to listen to our daily horoscope. I was young but I loved to hear my horoscope message, he made me love astrology & the cosmos. I can still hear his voice say “Acuario”…. Walter was a majestic looking man, his perfectly tossed strawberry blonde hair, his vibrant yet sophisticated eccentric capes, his array of rings shining through like stars in a constellation, his hands spoke their own language and he spoke so eloquently.

I recently watched his documentary on Netflix “Mucho, Mucho, Amor”. It was a well done story of his life it allowed us to see pivotal moments that lead to his success and it captured the essence of who Walter really was. The correlation of his life journey paired with the tarot cards was genius & vibrant. He didn’t only impact the Latino culture but caused ripples in the LGBTQ communities and more, his confidence and zest for life was immense. Walter was ahead of his time, an astrological pioneer bringing faith, peace & love to his audience that he saw as his gente (people), he was the epitome of Self Love.

Walter Mercado’s life story and his ethos taught me that everything is love even through the adversity that life brings to us. Spreading love like confetti is the way to live in harmony and peace. We need to love ourselves first and all else will follow. He was able to manifest the life that he wanted and enjoyed it so much because he wasn’t worrying about the future, he lived in the now and never fearing death. He was spreading this awareness to all of us from the very start, how did we miss it? His spirituality was beautiful and his view resonated in me, he didn’t label himself with a religion but he acknowledged “That the God in me, is the God in you”, we are one with the divine and we are all equals regardless of our skin tone and background.

We can all learn valuable lessons from Walter he’s was telling his gente from the very start to step in our Greatness & all in the name of love. We can shape & mold our own destiny, we can manifest our dreams into reality. We can dance to our own tune, but we need to remain humble, have peace & faith through our life journey and most importantly have mucho, mucho amor for self and others. Walter Mercado certainly left his legacy imprinted on this earth it will live on for generations to come.

“He used to be a star, but now Walter is a constellation”.

-Walter Mercado

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