Her Story “Boudoir”

I’m a single mom about to turn 35 next month, I’m Latina from Mexican & Honduran decent. I grew up being the chubby one, the fat friend, the buff girlfriend the list goes on. I do struggle with my body image but in the last 2-3years I started to embrace and love everything including the acne, curls and yes the mom foopa. So it encouraged me to do a boudoir photo shoot. Boudoir is a French word for “a woman’s dressing room,” so it’s more on the intimate side.

This photo shoot taught me self acceptance because boudoir is a type of photography that makes you vulnerable with a photographer with basically nothing on. The session takes place in a studio room set up as a bedroom which was intimidating but she set the mood, with a variety of music that makes you feel sexy and daring, you feel seductive because the fan was running making the blowing with the wind hair effect and the curtains were sheer that brought enough lighting to make it intimate but not enough where I was exposed to the world. In your bedroom is where you’re more vulnerable because we step in front of a mirror and you tend to knit pick at your flaws and the things that you don’t like about your body. So by doing a boudoir shoot it captures the beautiful parts of you that you don’t see for yourself & it brings out the confidence you have deep down inside.

This venture impacted me in such a positive way, the confidence came through with the guidance of the photographer her words gave me life to step in my sexiness & to own it. I took three different lingerie outfits for the shoot, the one that I felt most “boss babe” in was the burgundy lace off the shoulder one piece. A little back story to my white hair’s, I started getting white hair in my late 20’s which I didn’t like at first because to me that was a sign of getting old. Now I’m learning to embrace my white patch which was a pivotal part of my photo shoot so instead of it being a sign of me getting old it was sign of acceptance and me owning another aspect of myself. I was honestly on cloud 9 in even days after this life changing shoot.

Self love is more than doing things for yourself such as getting your nails done & indulging in a glass of wine, it’s more of accepting your flaws whether if they are physical attributes or inner demons that you deal with. You have to find the inner strength to turn those negatives into positives and grow from them. As a Latina your either the sex pot or the maid or a combo of both. So you’re either the Sofia Vergara or Betty La Fea. I’m neither but I’ve learned that not falling into that niche is ok, we all have our own paths and lane but it doesn’t mean that we have to knock other woc down. As a woman we simply have to empower and build each other up regardless of body type, life paths, economical status, education levels etc.

My advice to other middle age women is “don’t hold yourself back”. Nobody has their life together, nobody is where they want to be in life. A quote that I like saids “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20”. We never know where someone is in their journey. Be less judgmental and be more uplifting to other queens and a compliment can truly go a long way. Lastly, every woman should have some type of sensual photo shoot for themselves where they are the main focus, trust me you’ll love it.

“I am a bad bitch, I can be that”…..

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