She’s Hiatus

As if the outer world isn’t enough, her mind is its own unapologetic dark & beautiful world. She’s reaching a point in her soul that she needs to go hiatus.

The fake news, COVID-19, politics, conspiracy theories she needs to go hiatus.

Injustices, systemic racism, child trafficking, negativity, unproductive activity she needs to go hiatus.

Children learning from home, working in her living room, bills are past due she needs to go hiatus.

Anxiety creeping in, her body feels foreign like it doesn’t belong to her, her mind is slipping away from reality she needs to go hiatus.

WAP is the new women empowerment movement she needs to go hiatus.

Unkept hair, unthought everyday wear, lack of water, wine is now her best-friend she needs to go hiatus.

Reaching for her phone to refresh to see the same content and continue to feel disconnected even though she thinks she’s staying connected & knows the latest, she needs to go hiatus.

Her days are blending in with her nights, she doesn’t even know what day of the week it is, she needs to hiatus.

She stops and listens to her soul’s call of exclusion & peace, she tunes into her own needs and shifts her focus. While she physically needed to get away to collect herself, what she really needed was to reconnect to her essence, authenticity & feed her own soul.

One thought

  1. GM Jessica, your writing is out-of-the-park amazing. This particular post is so powerful and on point; you captured the essence of what we are living in a magistral spoken word prose. Wow!

    Looking forward to connecting later.

    Big hug,


    Roymi Membiela & Company
    Coaching & Consulting

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