Letters to papi (No.2)

Dearest papi,

Today has been a better day mentally for me, I don’t feel as stressed. It’s taken time to get to this point for me, because you know how I struggle with my anxiety. I received a call from your wife letting me know that your medical team suggested a feeding tube & tracheotomy this morning and they wanted her approval. This means that you will get an opening in your neck in order to place a tube into your windpipe. The tube is inserted through a cut your neck below the vocal cords. This allows air to enter your lungs. The feeding tube is called a “G tube” its inserted through your belly, this will help bring nutrition directly to your stomach.

All of this may sound like a lot but as the doctor later explained to me this is essential for your recovery and these are the right steps to move forward. He also mentioned that once your heart gets stronger they can take you off the sedation and you can be awake and even communicate with the trach tube (Passy-Muir speaking valve). It wont be a easy process but its possible. You’re strong you will be able to overcome that obstacle.

Overall the doctor said that you were about the same as yesterday, with your blood pressure, heart & oxygen. I’m not discouraged by this news quite honestly. This is going to take time and patience. I spoke to the doctor about 5:30 pm your time so at that time you haven’t had the tracheotomy or “G tube” placed yet. They want to see how you do overnight and proceed with the surgeon and gastrologist tomorrow morning to get a plan on board for you. He also mentioned that you had some tummy issues (runny stools) last night the culprit could be the antibiotics.

That is all for today papi, I’ve been in close contact with Tia Glenda, Tia Christy, Abuela & of course mami. Oh, one more thing I’m in the process of enrolling myself to go back to school to get my Bachelors degree in Respiratory therapy. When Luis passed away from pulmonary hypertension that planted a seed in me and after seeing what Covid-19 did to your lungs it gave me the push I needed to just go for it. It’s all in Gods plan.

Love always,


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