A new moon & a new you!

Lately I’ve been really diving into astrology & about the moon & its cycles, it gives us a rebirth you can say on a monthly basis since the moon is constantly changing. The moon is feminine energy & its about receiving, intuition, flow, enjoyment, self expression, creativity, emotions, & pleasure. With so much information over the internet I wanted to share the things that I’ve learned that I’m applying to my personal spiritual journey.

First of sis we are beautiful, wholesome, divine, juicy, energetic beings that in this life time we have chosen to be woman & we need to call that energy to be the best version of ourselves. I’m not discounting masculine energy because we all have that too, I think a little too much & we are out of touch when it comes to our rich juicy feminine energy, yes it really is rich & juicy no pun intended. How does the moon come into play? Like I mentioned before the moon is associated with feminine energy thus why the moon can affect our menstrual cycles & some of us are in sync with the moon phases. Truly powerful & amazing stuff right? We are truly divine & one with mother nature.

Yesterday was the start of a new moon for us & we have up to 48 hours to set our intentions to reap the most benefits of the new moon. Many set their intentions on the night of the new moon but good thing that we still have time. I even read that we have up to 14 days because it goes with the moon phases. I have to look further into that though. There are many different ways to set our intentions & do a new moon ceremony. Go with what feels right to you & spirit.

You can turn on your favorite music & freely dance let your body flow with the energy of the new moon just let it your body sway, jerk move, twerk & feel its fiery & don’t worry how you look just do it in your own personal & or sacred place & move your body sis! Light candles, have an essential oil infuser & consume yourself with the scents. Practice some yoga if you’re into that there are practices for the new moon with just a simple search away (key word: full moon yoga). If you want something more relaxing take a spiritual bath with yerba buena (spearmint) & your fav essential oil, add rose petals, feel seductive with it all. For more of an aura cleansing bath you can use epson salt & baking soda you can also add a prayer too we don’t discriminate your spiritual/ religious path here.

Next do a guided meditation (or prayer) if you can do one on your own where you just sit & just be, I know that can be challenge trust. Now its time to sit with your journal & write your intentions, submerge your feeling of you already having those things & or already had achieved your goals & run with that feeling of happiness & gratitude. Add some art & affirmations to the mix, these are your intentions & manifestations make it personal & YOU! Spirit, universe, your higher self what ever resonates with you will truly guide you with this where you will become one with the moons energy, happy manifesting!

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